Simona -Swiss-Italian Classical Singer with a Taste for Andalusia-

Simona Mango, Mezzo-Soprano

Alhaurin de la Torre, around 17 km from Málaga, is home to Simona Mango and her partner Bruce. They moved to Alhaurin de la Torre just recently after spending two years in downtown Málaga.

Alhaurin is a wonderful place close to Sierra de Mijas, quiet enough and still close to the city and the Mediterranean sea. Simona and her partner made a move here from Switzerland two years ago.

I got into contact with Simona through Costa Women and LinkedIn. Simona is an open and enthusiastic person. It is a pleasure to meet so many driven small business owners here in Andalusia, Spain. Moving to another country with an existing business or starting all fresh and new asks for a lot of inspiration and drive to make it happen and thrive.

Allegro Con Fuoco

As an experienced and performing classical singer, Simona also has a business in music education and entertainment. If you love to bring classical music to your party or event, Simona is the person to get in touch with. If you aspire to take classes in classical singing get in touch and discuss the possibilities that fit you.

Allegro Con Fuoco is based in Málaga, Spain

If you are in search of quality singing classes, taught by an experienced classical performer, you found a great match with Simona. Why not combine a trip to lovely Andalusia, Spain while getting the music education you are looking for. Click To Tweet

Simona on the basics of breath support for singers:

“If you are planning an opening, a party for an anniversary or a birthday, a wedding; or if you are organizing a celebration in a church or a concert in your town hall; if you want to invite your business partners and your best clients to an event with a touch of class, feel free to contact us and tell us all about your idea.

Or maybe you’d like to offer your family and friends or your employees an uplifting musical treat, such as a Christmas concert. You don’t need to come to a concert hall or a theatre for that, we will bring our music to your firm, your shop, your factory, your hotel, your restaurant, your club…From one solo musician to a full orchestra with everything in between, we will be happy to hear how you imagine it and to suggest a few perfect solutions for you to choose from.”

Christmas concert with Simona

My interview with Simona

When did you move to Spain?

Almost three years ago, in June 2015

Did you move to Spain for your business or personal reasons?

For climatic reasons! My partner and I were living in Switzerland and couldn’t cope with the weather anymore. We were trying to decide where to move to when we discovered Malaga by pure chance – if you believe in chance!

How long have you been in your current business?

Two years now.

In which country did you grow up? I read you are a Swiss/Italian national. Are your parents from Switzerland and Italy?

Yes, my father was from Naples, and that’s where I grew up. My mother was from Bern and had fled to sunny Naples in her time… it must be in my genes!

Do you still have family there?

Not many left in Naples, but I still have my aunts and cousins in Bern.

Do you ever consider moving back?

No, neither to Naples nor to Bern.

What is the biggest everyday challenge in your business?

I’m producing something most people don’t know and don’t think they would like. And at the best of times, something they like, but think they should get free. Part of what I do is, trying to get professional musicians and music performance into its right perspective here.

What do you feel is most fulfilling about life in Spain?

I like this country a lot. I love nature and the different landscapes, the climate, the cities, the small towns and villages, the people with their easy, sunny kindness, the language, the culture (except for bullfighting), the music, the food, the wine, the style, and fashion…

What’s not to love about this country? Politics doesn’t spoil it for me; as far as I can see, that is a total nightmare everywhere in the world, so I leave it out of the equation altogether and enjoy all the wonderful things.

What do you love most about your work?

My work has had two sides for the last few years. I have always been a performing singer, and what I love most about that is the communication you can create with your audience when you sing for them.

And more recently, when I started my own business, I discovered the whole marketing side to it, which is a hell of a challenge for me but definitely has its charms. I find promoting my own concerts very demanding but very exciting as well.

Are you the first in your family to have a talent for music?

My father could have been a good musician if he wanted to; he was very talented and had a great voice. Luckily enough, I inherited that from him! So I was the first who actually did it.

Do you have children? If so, are they also living in Spain?

No, I could never imagine my life with children! But Bruce has a lovely daughter who studies in Edinburgh and who spends some time with us when possible. We recently adopted a cat and two dogs, so yes, now I have four-legged babies!

You moved from the city to a more quiet place. What made you decide?

The stress and hassle of making music in town. Bruce and I were renting rehearsal rooms which were expensive and inconvenient, some real rat holes… That didn’t help our profession…

Now we open our door onto a large field full of flowers and tune to the birdsong!

Do you think it is easier to have a business in Spain in comparison to your home country?

I guess it would be different in, say, Barcelona or Madrid. Malaga doesn’t seem to be the ideal place to sell classical music, but I’m enjoying the challenge. I don’t really know about Italy; I left too many years ago. Switzerland is easier in theory (more musical culture, more money around, and an ingrained habit of paying for concerts), but life is so expensive there that all in all, I don’t think it’s any worse here.

What do you love best about Andalusia?

I love the people here. They’re funny, happy, friendly, easy-going, welcoming… and very efficient against all clichés you can think of. I’ve been dealing with all sorts of very professional, reliable, competent, hard-working people.

What are the less positive things about Spain?

The bureaucracy here can be overwhelming. But I knew that well from Italy, so it didn’t come as too much of a surprise to me… It’s the Latin countries; they’re obsessed with their papeleo.

How long have you been with Costa Women?

Two years now, I absolutely love these ladies.

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