Miranda -Dutch nurse at home in sunny Mezquitilla, Andalusia-

Miranda van Tiel, Nurse in Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia always knows to surprise me with the people and places it is home to. I believe this is the beauty of Spain. It is so easy to feel home in the many beautiful towns and cities that are the heart and soul of Spain.

Mezquitilla, a small town in the province of Málaga is home to Miranda van Tiel from the Netherlands, her husband Ad, and Bikkel the dog who also made the adventurous journey to their new home and sweet spot: Andalusia in Spain, around 2400 kilometers away from the Netherlands. Mezquitilla and Algarrobo beach is about 40 kilometers away from the capital Málaga.

I got into contact with Miranda a few months ago reading about her business. She runs a home health care business in her new home town of Mezquitilla near Algarrobo Costa where she moved to in January of 2015.

Miranda is a home health nurse visiting clients and patients at home. In the Netherlands, she worked as a nurse for close to thirty years. Miranda decided to continue in Spain as an independent nurse with her own home health care business. That is how Algarrobo Thuiszorg was born. From the first day in business, Miranda was busy providing nursing services to travelers with a special need or a specific health issue.

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Miranda can help out. Algarrobo Thuiszorg is the place to contact if you are looking for a visiting nurse in the Nerja-Torre del Mar region.

My interview with Miranda

You live in Andalusia, Spain now. Where did you settle?

We moved to Mezquitilla, a small town between Nerja and Torre del Mar. Close to Algarrobo Costa.

How did you choose Mezquitilla? Did you vacation here?

In May 2014 we traveled to Mezquitilla to visit a former colleague of my husband. We knew that in September 2014 my husband would be laid off from his job after thirty years at Philip Morris in the Netherlands. He was the one with the idea of moving here. The quality of life, less stress, and the weather!

The location made us decide to settle here. Mezquitilla is a friendly town, with mostly locals. Algarrobo is close, and convenient for shopping since most of the larger supermarkets are in Algarrobo.

For my home health care business, it is also ideal since many Dutch, English and Germans vacation here, and Mezquitilla is a central spot between Nerja and Torre del Mar.

Was it difficult to start your own business?

I arrived in Mezquitilla in January of 2015 and started my business in July 2015. I had clients to take care of right away the first month in business.

Did you speak any Spanish when you moved here?

We took lessons here in Spain. I am not really good at languages. At this point, I am able to understand most of what people say and try to speak Spanish the best way possible, but I can’t say I really control the language very well.

Do you still have family in the Netherlands?

Yes, my two children are still there. My husband has two children from a previous relationship who are also living in the Netherlands. We visit the Netherlands about once a year.

You are not disappointed by Spain?

No, not at all. The opposite, everything is much more relaxed. Lifestyle and work are much better compared to the Netherlands.

What do you think of healthcare in Spain?

I think there is no difference with the Netherlands.

Are you planning to stay here, or do you ever want to go back?

We live here now. After our mothers and children, we have nothing to go back to.

Do you miss the Netherlands?

Not at all. We really enjoy Spain. We have no reason to want to go back.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of your service for travelers with special needs?

I am really passionate about my work, and put all of my heart and soul into the care I provide to my clients. The most important benefit of my home health care service is my personal- and direct contact. This is really important for the best possible care.
We also have wheelchairs and other aids available for rent. Our clients have a worry less and are able to really focus on their vacation time in Andalusia.

Do you recommend Andalusia and Spain to other people who are thinking about moving here?

Yes, no doubt! It is the best place to relax.

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