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Date the Buyer. Or not?

Home staging a house for sale or rent could be a book from the dummies collection. Easy. Clean the surfaces. Remove clutter. And done. Oh, and take a few quick pictures on Saturday morning when your hands are still shaky from a late and wild Friday night.

Home Staging 101

Okay. You love your taste, maybe you wonder why people decide this house you are selling or renting out is not the one. It is the market or just bad luck. The right one will come along.

Selling a house is like dating for royals. Find a related buyer with the right pedigree who shares the same values when decorating your home sweet home. You are not family in the first degree. But you will adopt this buyer right before the holidays.

Reality check. You are looking for any buyer. A prospect who has the money to send you packing. Fresh blood. The new kid on the block. It is tough to say, but your decorating style is not the golden rule when we talk home staging for a quick sale and for the best price.

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