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Benefits of Copywriting

Increased Sales

Increasing your sales is the beating heart of your business. Sales promoting content encourages your potential buyer to buy your product or service. They will feel confident that their money is well spent.

Increased Visibility

Visibility online is the muscle of your business. Potential buyers will know where they can find your product or service. Sales letters, landing pages, social media, SEO or content for your blog or website are like protein. They build your visibility and sales today and in the future.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the main benefit of copywriting. The reward of selling the benefits that come with your product or service with the help of a specialized copywriter.
Everybody wins. Happy customer, returning customer. A party for your sales!

About Esther

My copywriting specialty is natural health care and wellness travel. I worked as a trained nurse in Europe for sixteen years. I learned that health is priceless.

Traditional health care will always be very important in diagnosing and curing many health issues we encounter today.

Wellness travel compliments alternative health care. There is so much on our daily plates. Now and then we need time to reflect and get in touch again with the important things in life. Wellness vacations play a huge part in recovering from daily stress and major problems.

Wonderful wellness examples I love to write about are spa vacations, hiking trips or yoga retreats.

My interest in wellness travel started when I consulted people with a special need on how to plan the perfect vacation in Andalusia, Spain.

Travelers who have a special need often feel that exploring and taking a break from daily life is more than wellness. It is a natural supplement to gain emotional strength.

I am looking forward to work with you on your direct response projects.

Best Regards, Esther

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